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Free Publications

All our publications are available online. Click on any title to read that publication on our website. You can download a PDF or order a print copy of some publications.

Age-Related Hearing Loss

Information and resources concerning age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) including: description, causes, prevention, questions to help determine if you need to have your hearing checked, hearing aid options, other treatments, and research.

American Sign Language

Information and resources concerning sign language, American Sign Language, comparisons between sign and spoken language, and language acquisition by deaf children.


Information and resources concerning aphasia including: description, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and research.

Apraxia of Speech

Information and resources concerning apraxia of speech including: description, types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and research.

Assistive Devices for People with Hearing, Voice, Speech, or Language Disorders

Information about different types of assistive devices, how they work, and ongoing NIDCD-funded research to improve their communication ability.

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