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References on Taste and Smell Epidemiology

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Public Health Burden, Quality of Life, Outcomes, and Health Policy Studies

Diagnosis and Management

Qualitative Taste and Smell Dysfunctions

Genetic or Hereditary Basis for Taste and Smell Impairments or Disorders

Preschool-Age Children

School-Age Children and Adolescents

Taste and Smell Impairment Following Surgical Interventions

Working-Age Adults: Community-Based or Population-Based Studies

Exposure to Toxicants, Radiation, or Chemical/Pharmacologic Agents

Taste and Smell Disorders in Relation to Specific Conditions or Diseases

Older Adults: Age-Related Taste and Smell Impairment and Disorders

Recovery of Taste and Smell Loss and Rehabilitative or Therapeutic Studies

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June 7, 2010