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Genomics and Computational Biology Core

Robert Morell, Ph.D., Director


The Genomics and Computational Biology Core (GCBC) provides support for massively parallel sequencing (“NexGen”) projects to intramural investigators on a collaborative basis. We maintain and operate massively parallel sequencers (Illumina HiSeq and MiSeq), a 96-capillary sequencer (AB3730xl), a microarray scanner (Illumina iScan), a LifeTech Vii7a realtime PCR machine and a Fluidigm BioMarkHD. We provide library preparation for massively parallel (“nexgen”) sequencing, perform the sequencing reactions, and provide bioinformatics support including analyzing the data and preparing figures for publication. The GCBC will also aid in uploading the data to public repositories and archiving the data.

In FY2015, the GCBC generated and analyzed more than 400 whole-exome libraries. We build custom relational databases of whole-exome sequence variants that aid in the identification of those likely to be pathological. Our primary area of focus is the analysis of gene expression (transcriptomics) and gene regulation (epigenetics) in using RNA-seq and ChIP-seq in tissues and in single cells.

If you are contemplating a project, please contact Robert Morell, Ph.D., as early as possible in the planning stage for more information.

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