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WISE EARS!® is a campaign to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. It is led by NIDCD, with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and a national coalition of 81 groups, agencies, and organizations committed to hearing preservation.

WISE EARS!® Tool Kit CD-ROMs Now Available

NIDCD is pleased to announce the release of WISE EARS!® Tool Kit CD-ROMs, an easy way to get campaign publications and promotional materials in a convenient, reproducible format. The CD-ROMs include all of the WISE EARS!® materials, as well as some extra NIDCD fact sheets and bookmarks. Everything your organization needs to participate in WISE EARS!® is included and ready for you to use. Each disk contains the following items:

Fact Sheets, Brochures, and Flyers

  • WISE EARS!®Backgrounder
  • WISE EARS!®Coalition Member Organizations--Flyer
  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss--Fact Sheet
  • Have WISE EARS!®for Life!--Flyer (English and Spanish)
  • WISE EARS!®At Work!--Fact Sheet (NEW!)
  • NIOSH Work-Related Hearing Loss--Fact Sheet
  • NIOSH General Estimates of Work-Related Noises--Flyer
  • NIOSH Hearing Loss Publications List

Promotional Materials, Bookmarks, and Games

  • WISE EARS!® Ad Slicks
  • WISE EARS!® Radio Scripts
  • Ten Ways To Recognize Hearing Loss--Bookmark (English and Spanish)
  • How Loud Is Too Loud?--Bookmark (English and Spanish)
  • WISE EARS!® Small Poster
  • WISE EARS!® Postcard
  • WISE EARS!® Door Hanger (English and Spanish)
  • Hearing Matters Stickers
  • WISE EARS!® Matching Game
  • "Match the Owl to the Sound" Worksheet with Stickers

If you would like a free WISE EARS!® CD-ROM, just call the clearinghouse at (800) 241-1044.

NIDCD To Test Effectiveness of WISE EARS!® Materials

NIDCD will be evaluating the effectiveness of WISE EARS!® materials for three specific audiences: industrial workers, Hispanic/Latino groups, and American Indian youth. The evaluations will ensure that WISE EARS!® messages are being effectively and efficiently communicated to all these groups.

Last Updated Date: 
June 7, 2010