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Carter Van Waes, M.D., Ph.D.

BG 10-CRC RM 4-2732 10 CENTER DR BETHESDA MD 20814
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Dr. Carter Van WaesClinical Director, NIDCD
Chief, Head and Neck Surgery Branch
Chief, Tumor Biology Section

Dr. Van Waes received a B.A. in Chemistry with honors from Earlham College in 1980. He received an M.D., and Ph.D. in Immunology of cancer with Honors from University of Chicago in 1987, supported by the NIH MSTP. He completed a NIH post-doctoral fellowship in molecular biology of head and neck cancer in 1990, and residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at University of Michigan in 1993. He joined NIDCD in 1993 as a Senior Staff Fellow; was promoted to Investigator in 1995, and Senior Investigator and Chief of the Head and Neck Surgery Branch in 2003. His research integrates basic and clinical investigation of genomics, signaling, molecular, and immune targeted therapy of cancer.

Research interests: 
Genomics and molecular targeted therapeutics for head and neck cancer. Molecular pathogenesis and therapy of cancers affecting human communication.
Tumor Biology Section and Clinical Genomics, Head and Neck Surgery Branch

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January 12, 2016