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Advanced Imaging Core

Dennis C. Winkler, Ph.D., Director


The Advanced Imaging Core (AIC) offers investigators specialized, centralized core laboratory support services. The primary goal of the AIC is to support the research interests and ongoing projects of various NIDCD laboratories within the Division of Intramural Research (DIR). The AIC provides the resources necessary to assist in the performance of a variety of specialized experiments and aids in the interpretation of obtained data. The AIC provides specific expertise, new technologies, and resources to enhance the research efforts of all NIDCD investigators. The team specializes in transmission electron microscope (TEM) studies of immunocytochemistry and ultrastructure, as well as cryo electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and tomography (cryo-ET).

Cell biological studies, including physiology, genetics, immunocytochemistry, etc., always consider what happens at the molecular level. Transmission electron microscopy allows scientists to come closer than ever to studying cell composition at the molecular level. The AIC’s TEM specialists offer training and related assistance to principal investigators at the NIDCD, their labs, and the NIH community. They also contribute to collaborative studies with scientists at the NIDCD, NIH, and beyond.

Tissue preparation

Tissue preparation with freeze-substitution

Electron microscopy

Electron microscopy

Freeze-substitution, ultramicrotomy


Lab Personnel

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