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I Love What I Hear!

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Teachers guide for grades three through six

The activities on this web site are designed to be used by teachers with children in grades three through six. They may be adapted easily for use with older and younger students.

The activities are designed to:

  • help students build awareness of the importance of hearing conservation and the problem of noise-induced hearing loss,
  • introduce and reinforce scientific understanding of hearing and the science of sound, and
  • provide opportunities for children to influence the awareness and understanding of others.

All of the activities have been used successfully in classroom settings and are based on a print publication of the same name with equivalent content. The materials may be duplicated for educational use—please copy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Hearing
  3. Activities
  4. Common Sounds
  5. Handouts
  6. Sources
Last Updated Date: 
April 26, 2012