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Supplements to Promote Re-entry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers

The NIDCD recognizes the need to support individuals with high potential to re-enter an active research career after taking time off to attend to family responsibilities. All principal investigators holding an NIDCD research grant may apply for an administrative supplement for support of trained individuals who wish to re-enter research careers within the mission areas of the NIDCD. By providing supplemental funds to ongoing research grants, this program aims to attract and encourage individuals to pursue biomedical and behavioral research careers in the NIDCD’s mission areas. The program is geared towards updating existing research skills and knowledge. Full-time or part-time research by these individuals may be supported with these administrative supplements.

Current complete guidelines can be obtained here.

For application guidance and additional information on administrative supplements to support re-entry into research careers within the mission areas of the NIDCD, please contact Alberto Rivera-Rentas.

Last Updated Date: 
September 28, 2018