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Administrative Supplements for Continuity of Biomedical and Behavioral Research Among First-Time Recipients of NIH Research Project Grant Awards

This NIH program aims to enhance the retention of investigators facing critical life events as they transition to the first renewal of their first independent research project grant award or to a second new NIH research project grant award. Retention at the first renewal or continuous NIH research project grant support is crucial for sustaining both the ongoing research in which NIH has invested and for retaining diversity in the biomedical research workforce. This program supports “at-risk” investigators as identified in the NIH Next Generation Researchers Initiative.

This retention program seeks to maintain the productivity of current first-time recipients of eligible independent NIH research project grant awards who are dealing with a critical life event(s), such that they can remain competitive for the first renewal of their award or for a second research project grant award.

For retention supplements to support recipients of NIDCD mentored career development (K) awards, see the companion administrative supplement.


To be eligible, the parent award must be able to receive funds at the time of the award. The administrative supplement budget request is limited to one year.

Supplement budget requests cannot exceed $70,000/year direct costs. Applicable F&A (indirect) cost can also be requested. Budgets may not exceed the total direct costs of the current parent award. Requests must reflect the actual needs of the proposed project. Categorical budgets are permitted. Awards are subject to availability of funds.

Eligible Individuals (Program Director/Principal Investigator)

PD/PIs of the following activity codes are eligible for the program: DP1, DP2, DP5, R01, R00, R15, R16, R21, R34, R35, RF1, R37, and U01. PD/PIs with more than one independent research project grant award are ineligible for this supplement.

Qualifying critical life events: The PD/PI must demonstrate a critical life event during the parent grant project period, such as childbirth, adoption, serious personal health issues or illness and/or debilitating conditions, high-risk pregnancy, primary caregiving responsibilities of an ailing spouse, child, partner, parent, or a member of the immediate family. In circumstances in which the critical life event is pending and is expected to occur during the project period, the supplement period may be submitted in advance of the event. Detailed personal health information such as specific diagnoses or medical conditions is not required or necessary to be considered for this supplement.

Detailed eligibility criteria are described in the full announcement.

NIDCD-Specific Information

  • NIDCD only accepts applications once a year. For fiscal year 2024, the application due date is Friday, June 7, 2024. Awards will not be made before this date.
  • Maximum direct costs: $70,000, with a strong justification and rationale. Applicable F&A (indirect) costs may also be requested.
  • Projects in a no-cost extension period are not eligible to apply.
  • Awards that received COVID-related administrative supplements are not eligible to apply.
  • Awards with significant unspent funds (25% or more of direct costs) in the parent award are not eligible to apply.
  • PIs with more research awards than the parent award are not eligible to apply.
  • Applications should include a letter signed by the Institutional Business Official certifying the PI’s eligibility for the supplement award and a description of institutional support.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to provide a strong justification and detailed rationale for the need for supplemental support and the impact of the critical event on the progress of the parent award and the successful completion of the research project.
  • NIDCD strongly encourages the PD(s)/PI(s) to contact the program official of the parent award before preparing an application.
  • See contacts and information specific to each participating institute/center
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