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Outcomes Research in Children with Hearing Loss: Agenda

NIDCD Outcomes Research in Children with Hearing Loss
December 12 and 13, 2006
Bethesda, Maryland

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Tuesday December 12, 2006
8:00 Welcome Jim Battey
Introductions and Charge Amy Donahue
Susan Jerger
Current State of Knowledge: Outcome Research
8:20 Definition and Essence Bruce Tomblin
Current State of Knowledge: Children with Hearing Loss
8:40 Academic: Achievements and Literacy Carol Connor
9:00 Psychosocial Factors: Impact on Child Development and Word Learning Mary Pat Moeller
9:20 Perceptual Processing Susan Jerger
9:40 Break  
10:00 Language Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
10:20 Spoken Word: Production and Recognition Laurie Eisenbergs
10:40 Current State of Knowledge: Group Discussion  
Ongoing NIH Studies Relevant to Outcomes for Early Childhood HL
11:15 NIDCD Currently Funded Research Amy Donahue
11:25 NICHD Early Childcare Study National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Lynne Haverkos
Research Opportunities: Department of Education Existing Early Childhood Databases
11:35 ECLS Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Jen Park
11:50 NEILS National Early Intervention Longitudinal Study
PEELS Pre-Elementary Longitudinal Study
SEELS Special Education Elementary Longitudinal Study
NLTS2 National Longitudinal Transitional Study
Kathy Hebbeler
12:10 Current Studies and Dept of Education Databases: Group Discussion  
12:30 Lunch  
1:30 Investigation Change over Time: Design, Conduct/Implementation, and Analyses Kathleen Daly
Kathy Hebbeler
Maureen Hack
2:30 Newborn Hearing Screening/ Follow-up/ and Intervention: Current State of Affairs for Infrastructure and Research Capacity Susan Norton
Betty Vohr
Judy Widen
Judy Gravel
3:00 Break  
3:15 Maximizing Outcomes Research: Issues and Challenges

Theoretical Considerations: Data Analytic Approaches; Prospective vs Retrospective; Longitudinal vs. Combined Cross-Sectional/Longitudinal Approach; Case Studies Approach.

Practical Considerations:  Recruitment and Retention; Control Population; Intervention- Types and Timing; Practice Effects; Interval between Retest Sessions
Moderator: Susan Jerger;
Discussants: Workshop Participants
5:00 Adjourn  
Wednesday December 13, 2006
8:00 Practical Considerations for Multi-Site Research and Strategies for Promoting Success When Difficulties Arise John Niparko
Susan Norton
9:00 Outcomes Research in the Child with Hearing Loss: Research Needs and Opportunities

Age of Entry and Exit
Targeted Appropriate Age Ranges
Degree of Hearing Loss
Age of Onset: Hearing Loss at Birth and Later Onset Hearing Loss
Type of Intervention
Optimal Testing Paradigms and Stimuli
Outcome Measures (e.g., Developmental Psychology, Speech, Language, Hearing, Gesturing, Psychosocial, Educational, Academic, Literacy)

Moderator: Susan Jerger;
Discussants: Workshop Participants
11:30–12:30 (Working) Lunch  
2:00 pm Adjourn  
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