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NIDCD Workshop on Epidemiology of Communication Disorders

March 29-30, 2005
Bethesda, Maryland


Workshop on Epidemiology of Communication Disorders

March 29, 2005 Forest Glen Conference Room
8:30 AM Welcome and introductions Howard Hoffman
  Institute charge Jim Battey
NIH Epidemiologic Research/Support
9:10 AM Importance of population-based epidemiologic studies for prevention (or delay) of impairment and disability Karen Cruickshanks
9:30 AM Building an epidemiological extramural research program Paul Eggers
9:50 AM Longitudinal epidemiological studies funded by NHLBI and opportunities for ancillary studies Teri Manolio
10:10 AM Operation of epidemiology study sections at NIH: What is critical for successful research applications? Mary Ann Guadagno
10:30 AM Coffee/tea break  
IIa. Research Opportunities for Epidemiological Studies in NIDCD Mission Areas
10:45 AM Balance and vestibular research Susan Herdman
Shawn Newlands
11:15 AM Hearing research Kathy Daly
Pat Stelmachowicz
George Gates
12:00 PM (noon) Lunch break  
IIb. Research Opportunities for Epidemiological Studies in NIDCD Mission Areas, continued
1:00 PM Chemosensory [smell/taste] research Don Leopold
Valerie Duffy
1:30 PM Voice, speech and language research Diane Bless
Susan Felsenfeld
Bruce Tomblin
2:15 PM Coffee/tea break  
III. Design and Methodological Issues in Epidemiologic Studies of Communication Disorders
2:30 PM Statistical design, including issues of missing data and measurement error Robert Glynn
3:00 PM Methodological problems in hearing studies George Gates
3:30 PM Ten years of studying the epidemiology of specific language impairment: Some lessons learned Bruce Tomblin
4:00 PM Implementation of community-based, sensory epidemiologic studies in Beaver Dam, WI Karen Cruickshanks
5:00 PM Dinner break  
7:30–9:00 PM Break-out panel meetings to discuss epidemiologic research issues and questions Reconvene – Brookside Conference Room
March 30, 2005 Brookside Conference Room
  Discussion of Panel Reports Rapporteurs
8:30 AM Balance/vestibular research panel Shawn Newlands
9:00 AM Hearing research panel Kathy Daly
9:30 AM Chemosensory research panel Valerie Duffy
10:00 AM Voice, speech and language research panel Bruce Tomblin
10:30 AM Coffee/tea break  
General Discussion

10:45 AM

Open session –
Discussion and recommendations for NIDCD
All Participants

12:00 PM (noon)


March 29, 2005

7:30–9:00 PM Panel Meetings – Discussion of Epidemiologic Research Issues and Questions

Panel on Balance/Vestibular Research – Brookside Conference Room
Susan Herdman, chair
Shawn Newlands, rapporteur
George Reed
Sheila West

Panel on Hearing Research – Brookside Conference Room
George Gates, chair
Kathy Daly, rapporteur
Karen Cruickshanks
Pat Stelmachowicz
Louis Vernacchio

Panel on Chemosensory Research – Brookside Conference Room
Don Leopold, chair
Valerie Duffy, rapporteur
Dennis Drayna
Robert Glynn

Panel on Voice, Speech and Language Research – Brookside Conference Room
Susan Felsenfeld, chair
Bruce Tomblin, rapporteur
Diane Bless
Mary Hediger


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