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Text Description for New Cochlear Implants in 2001

  Rate per 10,000 Deaf or
Very Hard-of-Hearing Persons
All Ages, Male and Female 51
Female 64
Male 43
Under 6 years 1,035
6–17 years 84
18–44 years 48
45–64 years 54
65 years and over 18

The 2010 target line represents the goal recommended by the Hearing Health group, which was discussed and approved by the Federal Interagency Working Group for Healthy People 2010. Target for 2010 is 100 implants per 10,000 persons.

Chart created by the Health Promotion Statistics Branch, NCHS, CDC and the Epidemiology and Statistics Program, NIDCD, NIH.

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November 6, 2012