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Scientific Review and Grants Management Branches

Scientific Review

The Scientific Review Branch coordinates, manages, and executes initial scientific and technical merit reviews of research and research training grant applications, cooperative agreements, and contract proposals within NIDCD. The scope of these reviews encompasses the basic and clinical sciences related to diseases and disorders of communication including hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, and language.

The Scientific Review Branch uses two chartered initial review groups. The first is the Communication Disorders Review Committee (CDRC), which is composed of 21 members and may be supplemented by temporary members. The CDRC has primary responsibility for the review of applications for multiple project grants, institutional training grants, career development awards, and conference grants. The second chartered committee is a Special Emphasis Panel (SEP) that allows the expertise at each review meeting to be tailored for the particular grant applications or contract proposals under evaluation. These SEPs are used to review the Institute's Requests for Proposals, Requests for Applications, the Small Grant program, the High Impact: Feasibility Studies program, and other specialized needs.

Grants Management

The Grants Management Branch (GMB) directs and coordinates all business-related and financial management activities associated with the review, negotiation, award, administration, and termination of grants and cooperative agreements. Staff of the Grants Management Branch participate in policy development and implementation regarding the financial and administrative management of grants and cooperative agreements. Staff also provide technical advice and assistance to ensure that awards are managed in accordance with applicable statutes, regulations, and policies (NIH Grants Policies).

Extramural Program Codes

The Program Classification Code is composed of eight characters of which the NIDCD uses only the first two. The code definitions appear below.

CodeProgram Area Definition
BVBalance Vestibular
CSChemical Senses
VSVoice, Speech and Language
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