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NIDCD-Supported Institutional Research Training Programs

The NIDCD supports institutional research training using the National Research Service Awards training programs (e.g., the T32 and T35 grant mechanisms). Below is a list, arranged by mission area, of the NIDCD-supported institutional research training programs awarded in 2019.

Institution Institution Location Program Title Program Director Program Project Number
Hearing and Balance
Father Flanagan's Boys' Home Boys Town, NE Research in Human Communication and Its Disorders Keefe, Douglas H. T32 T32DC000013
Harvard Medical School Boston, MA Training for Speech and Hearing Sciences Delgutte, Bertrand  T32 T32DC000038
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD Research Training in Otolaryngology Carey, John Patrick T32 T32DC000027
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD Training Program in Hearing and Balance Fuchs, Paul A. T32 T32DC000023
Medical University at South Carolina Charleston, SC Interdisciplinary Research Training in Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences Dubno, Judy R. T32 T32DC014435
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN Interdisciplinary Training Program in Auditory Neuroscience Fekete, Donna M. T32 T32DC016853
Stanford University Stanford, CA Clinician-Scientist Training Program in Otolaryngology Cheng, Alan Gi-Lun T32 T32DC015209
University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA Interdisciplinary Training Program in Hearing Research Metherate, Raju  T32 T32DC010775
University of California, San Diego San Diego, CA Otolaryngology Training in Immunology, Virology, and Molecular Biology Ryan, Allen F. T32 T32DC000028
University of Iowa Iowa City, IA Research Training Program for Otolaryngology Hansen, Marlan R. T32 T32DC000040
University of Maryland, College Park College Park, MD Comparative and Evolutionary Biology of Hearing Carr, Catherine Emily  T32 T32DC000046
University of Miami School of Medicine Miami, FL Interdisciplinary Research Training in Otolaryngology Liu, Xue Z. T32 T32DC015995
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Advanced Research Training in Otolaryngology Corfas, Gabriel  T32 T32DC005356
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Sensory Mechanisms and Disorders Shore, Susan E. T32 T32DC000011
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC Research Training in Otolaryngology Manis, Paul B. T32 T32DC005360
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Cross-Disciplinary Training in Computational Approaches to the Neuroscience of Audition and Communication Cohen, Yale E. T32 T32DC016903
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Training in Auditory and Vestibular Neuroscience Kandler, Karl   T32 T32DC011499
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Training in Hearing and Communication Neuroscience Bottjer, Sarah W.  T32 T32DC009975
University of Washington Seattle, WA Auditory Neuroscience Training Program Perkel, David J. T32 T32DC005361
University of Washington St. Louis, MO Research Training in Otolaryngology Stone, Jennifer S. T32 T32DC000018
Washington University St. Louis, MO Development of Clinician/Researchers in Academic ENT Piccirillo, Jay F. T32 T32DC000022
Father Flanagan's Boys' Home Boys Town, NE Short-Term Research Training for Au.D. Students Janky, Kristen, L. T35 T35DC008757
Portland, VA Research Foundation, Inc. Portland, OR Short-Term Institutional Research Training Grant Feeney, Martin Patrick T35 T35DC008764
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville, TN Developing Research Careers in the Hearing Sciences Hood, Linda J. T35 T35DC008763
Taste and Smell
Florida State University Tallahassee, FL Chemosensory Training Program Fadool, Debra Ann T32 T32DC000044
Monell Chemical Senses Center Philadelphia, PA Interdisciplinary Training in the Chemical Senses Mainland, Joel D. T32 T32DC000014
University of Florida Gainesville, FL Training Program in Chemosensory Science Munger, Steven D. T32 T32DC015994
Voice, Speech, and Language
Boston University, Charles River Campus Boston, MA Advanced Research Training in Communication Sciences and Disorders Moore, Christopher A. T32 T32DC013017
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN Communicative Disorders Strickland, Elizabeth A. T32 T32DC000030
San Diego State University San Diego, CA Neurocognitive Approaches to Communication Disorders Love-Geffen, Tracy  T32 T32DC007361
University of Connecticut Storrs, CT Training in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication Eigsti, Inge-Marie   T32 T32DC017703
University of Kansas Lawrence, KS Training Researchers in Language Impairments Rice, Mabel L. T32 T32DC000052
University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI Interdisciplinary Research Training in Speech-Language Disorders Ellis-Weismer, Susan  T32 T32DC005359
University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI University of Wisconsin Voice Research Training Program Thibeault, Susan  T32 T32DC009401
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April 1, 2020