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NIDCD Hosts President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Staff Visit

On December 1, 2015, NIDCD Director James Battey, M.D., Ph.D., hosted members of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) at the Porter Neuroscience Research Center on the NIH’s Bethesda, Maryland, campus. Marjory Blumenthal, executive director of PCAST, and Ashley Predith, Ph.D., assistant executive director of PCAST, presented a report, Aging America & Hearing Loss: Imperative of Improved Hearing Technologies, which was sent to President Obama in October. This report included recommendations that the federal government could take to “dramatically enhance the pace of innovation and level of competition in this domain, leading to rapid decrease in cost and improvement in capability, convenience, and use of assistive hearing devices.”

Following the PCAST presentation, Dr. Battey and NIDCD Scientific Director Andrew Griffith, M.D., Ph.D., provided an overview of the NIDCD’s scientific advancements and cutting-edge research programs. PCAST staff also met with Amy Donahue, Ph.D., deputy director of NIDCD’s Division of Scientific Programs, and Roger Miller, Ph.D., director of NIDCD’s neural prosthesis development program, to discuss NIDCD-supported hearing health care research. Ms. Blumenthal and Dr. Predith finished their visit by touring the lab of Matthew Kelley, Ph.D., chief of the NIDCD’s Laboratory of Cochlear Development. Dr. Kelly discussed his team’s research on developing methods to visualize neurons that carry auditory information to the brain. These methods allow scientists to develop treatments that might be used to maintain auditory nerve health and improve the interactions between auditory nerves and both hearing aids and cochlear implants.

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July 9, 2016