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NIDCD's Noisy Planet Campaign Update

Noisy Planet Outreach in the Community

The Noisy Planet team has been busy spreading the campaign's noise-induced hearing loss prevention messages through community outreach. In February, Noisy Planet was one of four public health programs invited to present at 4-H's National Youth Summit on Healthy Living in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The Noisy Planet team provided an overview of the program's classroom presentation on noise-induced hearing loss to more than 100 youth and adults attending the summit. The goal of the summit was to provide youth leaders with health programs and activities that they could use to promote healthier choices for families in their communities. As a result of the Noisy Planet's participation, several summit participants have requested Noisy Planet materials, and one participant showcased a Noisy Planet loaner trifold display and distributed the “How Loud is Too Loud?” bookmark (320 KB PDF; get Adobe Reader) at the 2015 Oklahoma Youth Expo.

In June, Noisy Planet was proud to participate in the 47th annual conference of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) in Philadelphia. Thousands of school nurses gathered to attend workshops and poster presentations, including Noisy Planet's e-poster session, "Strategies for Delivering Hearing Loss Prevention Messages." During the presentation, a Noisy Planet team member walked school nurses through several interactive activities that they can use to help their students develop healthy hearing habits. Noisy Planet, which  has partnered with NASN for several years, also engaged with school nurses at an exhibit booth. More than 200 school nurses visited the exhibit to collect fact sheets and learn more about Noisy Planet's educational materials. A special thank you to NASN for the opportunity to participate in the conference!

The Noisy Planet team, along with colleagues from several other offices at the NIDCD, participated in NIH's Take Your Child to Work Day event on April 23. The Noisy Planet team held three workshops, presenting information about the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss to more than 30 children. NIH also celebrated Earth Day on April 23, and the NIDCD Green Team promoted Noisy Planet's healthy hearing messages with an exhibit on the NIH campus. At the exhibit, children could spin the Noisy Planet wheel to learn how to protect their hearing from some common loud noises.

Did you know that many music devices have volume limiting controls? Set a safe maximum listening volume for yourself and your kids.

New Noisy Planet Shareable Images

Noisy Planet continues to develop shareable images, Web banners, and print public service announcements for use on social media. Many are available in both English and Spanish. We hope you will share the images on blogs, websites, and social media. We always appreciate attribution and links back to the original. Help Noisy Planet spread the word about the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss!

Last Updated Date: 
November 6, 2015