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Information Exchange: News from Our Partner Organizations

Cued Speech Learning Vacations 2005

The National Cued Speech Association announces the following "cue camps" for summer and fall:

Cue Camp Friendship New Windsor, MD June 26–July 1
It's never too early to start planning for cue camp, a wonderful place that provides campers with a supportive environment to learn or increase cueing skills. Contact Joan Amy Ruberl at (301) 718-8717. Email:

Camp Cuetah Ogden, UT Aug. 1–6
Learn cued speech in the relaxed atmosphere of camp. This year's theme is The French Connection. Contact Deann DeGraaw at (801) 274-8249. Email:; Web:

Cue Camp Mechuwana Winthrop, ME August 13 –18
Offers great instruction for cuers of all ages. Features speakers and panels plus campfire chats. New families welcome! Contact Angela Laptewicz at (781) 738-6290 or

Cue Camp Virginia Jamestown, VA September 29–October 2
Cue Camp Virginia for skills, information, and fun! Contact Maureen Bellamy at (703) 560-1035. Email:; Web:

Hands and Voices: “Supporting Families without Bias”

A new article, entitled "Supporting Families without Bias," is available from the nonprofit organization Hands and Voices. Hands and Voices provides information, technical support, and educational advocacy assistance and training to parents and professionals working with families and their children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. For more information, visit

Better Hearing Institute Offers New Publication, New Look for Web Site

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) has developed a new publication, entitled Your Guide to Better Hearing. Among the topics it covers are the impact, prevalence, and prevention of hearing loss; medical and audiological advances; assistive technology; financial assistance; and a 15-question BHI Quick Hearing Check.

Also, be sure to visit the newly designed BHI Website, which features the BHI Quick Hearing Check; a comprehensive database of celebrity supporters; a database of resources for people with hearing loss; relevant articles available for download; and a database of factoids and quotes on hearing, ears, and listening.

Music to Their Ears

Coinciding with National Better Hearing and Speech Month this past May, the San Francisco Opera began providing each of its regular musicians a pair of custom-fitted "musicians' earplugs," originally created by Etymotic Research for members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This new benefit program is in conjunction with Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.), a San Francisco-based nonprofit hearing preservation organization.

Kathy Peck, executive director of H.E.A.R., explains that all musicians, not just rock musicians, are subject to noise-induced hearing loss. "H.E.A.R. is honored to work with the opera orchestra and wants everyone to remember: your ears are your most important musical instrument," she says.

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