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Conduct an Outreach Campaign

Healthy Hearing 2010


You can help us promote the objectives of Healthy Hearing 2010!

Your school, civic group, or community-based organization can help make Healthy Hearing a reality. A great way to do this is to conduct an outreach campaign. A well-organized campaign can help educate the public on the importance of Healthy Hearing 2010 and its efforts to reduce hearing loss and resolve hearing health disparities among different populations. Working together with other organizations and key community stakeholders during the planning phase of your initiative is important to the success of your campaign.

Learn how to set goals, implement, and evaluate your Healthy Hearing 2010 outreach campaign using the resources below. You may want to keep the campaign page bookmarked because we will be adding new information on campaign strategies and linking to specific campaigns that respond to the Healthy Hearing objectives. Contact us if you need any help getting started!

Resources for Planning a Campaign

The following is a growing list of resources for planning, developing, and evaluating your outreach campaign.

Program Development and Evaluation

Materials Development

Bibliography on Health Communication

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March 25, 2016