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OnPAR: A Second Chance for Unfunded NIDCD Applications in Hearing and Balance

If your highly scored application is not funded by the NIDCD, you may want to consider a new funding paradigm: Online Partnership to Accelerate Research (OnPAR). OnPAR is a public-private partnership that aims to provide funding for highly scored but unfunded NIH applications by matching them with private biomedical foundations or pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

OnPAR’s goal is to match quality biomedical research projects with priority areas of interest of private foundations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and/or other private biomedical research funders to advance research, discovery, and development. For a list of participating non-governmental organizations, see OnPAR members. Scientific interests include:

  • Hearing loss from cochlear degeneration.
  • Endolymphatic hydrops (Ménière's disease).
  • Volume and composition control of the endolymph.
  • Regeneration of neuronal cells.
  • Inner ear-targeting gene therapies aimed at treating hearing loss.
  • Novel genes and mechanisms related to cochlear neuropathy.

After a principal investigator (PI) registers with OnPAR and submits his or her NIH application abstract online, participating OnPAR members review the abstract and identify whether the project may be of interest to their organizations. The member organization may then contact the PI directly to discuss a potential partnership and funding. If a match is made, the PI will be invited to provide additional information through the OnPAR website including the NIH application, summary statement, and a non-disclosure agreement.

Funders will review the submitted applications and summary statements and directly contact selected PIs to negotiate final grant or contract terms.

See the OnPAR website for more information.

Last Updated Date: 
October 31, 2017