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NIDCD Strategic Plan Overview

The NIDCD Strategic Plan (Plan) is a guide for the Institute (including NIDCD staff and the NDCD Advisory Council) to prioritize research investment. The NIDCD uses the Plan as a tool when nominating investigator-initiated research applications for High Program Priority (HPP) funding, and when developing Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA). Furthermore, NIDCD staff distribute the Plan to the research community at workshops or research conferences to increase awareness of Institute priorities. Investigators may submit applications for research projects that directly address priorities within the Plan. Finally, the Plan informs the public about the state of the science and advances in diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, while creating a vision for the future.

The NIDCD must prioritize its research investment in the areas of training, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to meet public health needs and explore new opportunities presented by recent scientific progress. To develop the 2012-2016 Plan, the NIDCD convened a series of working groups and solicited input from scientific experts, the NDCD Advisory Council, NIDCD staff, and the public. (Please see Appendix C for more details on the Plan process.)

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Last Updated Date: 
July 2, 2014