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Table of Contents

Building 31, Conference Room 7
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland

I. Call to Order and Opening Remarks
Dr. James F. Battey, Jr.
II. Council Procedures
Dr. Craig A. Jordan
III. Report of the Acting Director, NIDCD
Dr. Battey
Important Events
Upcoming Events
Other Business
Budget Considerations
Summary of the Planning Subcommittee Meeting, October 8, 1997
IV. Report of the Acting Director, DEA
Dr. Jordan
V. Report of the Small Business Innovation Research Program
Dr. Lynn Luethke
VI. NIDCD Work Group on Peer Review
Dr. Allen Ryan
VII. Report on the NIDCD Training Program
Dr. Daniel Sklare
VIII. Report on the NIDCD Minority Supplement Program
Dr. Judith Cooper
IX. Report on the Balance/Vestibular Program
Dr. Sklare
X. Working Group on Impact of Visual Impairment on Persons Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Dr. Bronya Keats
XI. Report of the Expert Panel on Speech and Speech Disorders
Dr. Joseph Perkell
XII. Report of the Ad Hoc Smell, Taste and Touch and Chemosensory Disorders Subcommittee
Dr. Michael Leon
XIII. Report on the Intramural Research Program
Dr. Battey
XIV. Report of the Director, DHC
Dr. Ralph F. Naunton
XV. Programs Advisory Committee Initiatives
Dr. Naunton
Proposed Scientific Initiatives FY98
Proposed Scientific Initiatives FY99
XVI. Report of the Board of Scientific Counselors
Dr. Battey
XVII. Review of Nominations for the Smell, Taste and Touch and Chemosensory Disorders Expert Panel
Dr. Leon
XVIII. Council Consideration of Pending Applications
Research Grant Awards
Special Programs Actions
Research Training Programs
XIX. Adjournment
XX. Certificate of Minutes