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Functional Connectivity Map - Slide 1

Large functional connections of the dorsal left inferior frontal gyrus

Large functional connections of the dorsal LIFG. Shown on axial MR slices are the voxels whose BOLD activity had a large (r>0.4) positive correlation with BOLD activity in the dorsal LIFG reference voxel (Talairach coordinates -50 28 16, BA44/45) for each condition. The different colors at each voxel indicate which condition or conditions had a large correlation with the reference voxel (e.g., any voxel that is yellow had a strong functional connection during both the word and the pseudoword conditions). For simplicity of visual presentation, we do not show the large correlations during the false font condition, since very few were present. The right side of the brain is on the left side of the image. Numbers on the images denote the Talairach z (inferior-superior) level relative to the anterior commissure-posterior commissure plane (slices are separated by 2mm). The arrow points to the location of the reference voxel. Color legend: light blue-words; red-pseudowords; orange-letterstrings; magenta-words & letterstrings; dark blue-pseudowords & letterstrings.

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