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Newborn Hearing Screening Rates, 1999-2005

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This graph shows summary rates of the percentage of newborns screened for hearing loss prior to hospital discharge based on individual State reports posted on the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (EHDI), 1999–2005 Web site. Trend data on newborn hearing screening rates are also available from the HHS Healthy People 2010 Project (US HHS, 2006) and from CDC Wonder: Healthy People 2010. Newborn hearing screening rates for all states in total are shown from 1999–2005. These rates increase in a linear fashion from 46.1% in 1999 to 82.9% in 2002; thereafter, while the rates continue to increase, the trend line begins to flatten out, reaching 91.5% in 2005. Other investigators have also documented similar trends (White, 2004).


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Chart created by the NIDCD Epidemiology and Biostatistics Program.