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NIDCD Highlights

Healthy People 2020 Plans for a Healthier Nation

Healthy People 2010 logo

For the last three decades, Healthy People has set the country’s health promotion and disease prevention agenda by establishing overarching goals and tracking the nation’s progress toward those goals. Last December, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched Healthy People 2020, which for the first time includes a separate section on the NIDCD’s mission areas, titled Hearing and Other Sensory or Communication Disorders.

The new section includes goals and objectives on newborn hearing screening; ear infections; hearing; tinnitus; and balance and dizziness as well as new developmental goals for the areas of smell and taste; voice, speech, and language; and Internet health care resources for health professionals. The Healthy People 2020 campaign aims to unify the national dialogue about health and encourage new directions in health promotion by providing a public health roadmap for the country.

Learn about the new goals for Hearing and Other Sensory or Communication Disorders.