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Comments of Dr. Kohut

From: Robert Kohut
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2003, 1:03 PM
To: Gulya, Julie (NIH/NIDCD)
Subject: Temporal bone workshop

Julie, Glad for the effort re:tb's--Two suggestions: (1) Have a special sub-section of the study section composed of expert temporal bone histopathologists, (2) have in NIDCD, a budget category earmarked for Temporal Bone Histopathology.

The reason for the sub-section of experts is that, although members of the study section may be familiar with the subject, they are often not expert histopathologists and therefore do not provide the level of critical review that is required for this special area of study. The study section can call upon this sub-section whenever appropriate grant applications are received….

The budget suggestion needs no explanation. Budgets define areas of activity just as examinations define curricula.

Another suggestion which is perhaps out of the hands (I guess) of NIDCD but may spur some local efforts: Have temporal bone procurement and processing a regular component of unrestricted autopsies--or when the hospitals balk [expense] at this, at least a regular random [not too infrequent] procurement. It seems strange that all other organs are so examined because of both tradition and rule, but not the ear. Is there a line of communication with the specialty of Pathology within NIH? Only with this type of potential collection, as Schuknecht said, can there be studies of the effect of systemic disease on the ear.

There is one way which secures the ongoing activity of labs: personal funding but as I've found it can't go on forever, so one has to "throw in the towel."

Best of luck--Keep me informed….Bob Kohut