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Research Equipment for Advancement of Science (EQ)

Title: Research Equipment for Advancement of Science
Title Code: EQ

Purpose: To purchase equipment items that will be dedicated to a particular project in order to significantly enhance research capabilities. Equipment purchased under the supplement must augment pursuit of the specific aims of the parent grant. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Microscopes and/or optical components (e.g., optics that allow use of additional contrast agents, image digitization hardware).
  • Electrophysiology data acquisition systems (e.g., multielectrode electrophysiology stations, chronic data acquisition systems that diminish telemetry constraints).
  • Psychophysical test equipment (e.g., acoustic and postural test instruments).
  • Clinical test equipment (e.g., multichannel evoked potential test systems, olfactometers, nasoendoscopy equipment).
  • Commercial software licenses (e.g., validated algorithms for laboratory automation, data analysis, image analysis, modeling).
  • Protein or gene analysis equipment (e.g., tools for molecular manipulation, sequencers, -omics arrays, PCR machines, protein separation devices).
  • Modernization and upgrade of equipment.

Supplement-Specific Information:
1) Requests for computer equipment will only be considered if the computer is part of an experimental workstation.
2) Any institutional support anticipated for this equipment supplement should be included in the justification.
3) Indicate if the equipment is needed to complete studies proposed in other supplement requests.
4) Multiple equipment items may be requested.

The total cost of requested equipment should not exceed $100K; requests for over $100K will be considered in compelling cases, as funds allow.

Requests for shared equipment over $100K should be submitted to the National Center for Research Resources announcement.

Supplement Contact and Email:
Contact the program officer of the currently funded grant, as indicated in your Commons account.