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Accelerating the Science (ACC)

Title: Accelerating the Science
Title Code: ACC

Purpose: To add skills and resources that will accelerate scientific discovery, increase impact of results, and help translate discoveries into useful biomedical and clinical advances. As results and concepts emerge during even a single small research grant, the pace of scientific discoveries and clinical advances can be increased by creative incorporation of new technologies, multidisciplinary approaches, and trained personnel. Supplements to enhance existing projects could bring people into a project to contribute new approaches or skills, or enable a more thorough, sophisticated, or timely analysis.
Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Adding professional and technical staff, including predoctoral and postdoctoral students, to pursue a specific scientific issue, or to increase services in research core grants;
  • Expanding experimental approaches and technologies;
  • Enhancing use of computational, imaging, or biostatistical analyses or techniques;
  • Identifying new molecular and cellular markers in the brain for research in our mission areas, e.g., for characterizing cell types or circuits in the central nervous system;
  • Developing and using new molecular reagents and services, e.g., unique antibody generation, multiplatform services, tools for proteomics, microarrays, bioinformatics, etc.;
  • Using clinical findings to inspire experimental basic research;
  • Expanding population-based epidemiology studies to new specific populations or cohorts;
  • Allowing small-scale studies within the scope of the parent grant to pursue evolving questions;
  • Increasing diversity recruitment for population enrollments;
  • Promoting opportunities in understaffed research areas, such as otopathology or psychophysics.

Supplement-Specific Information:
Indicate if you are also requesting an equipment supplement to provide equipment for the proposed work.

Supplement Contact:
Contact the Program Officer for the currently funded grant, as indicated in your Commons account.