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Eligibility requirements: You must have an active (or be in a no-cost extension) R, P, U or K series grant  award from NIDCD to a domestic institution. NIDCD training (institutional T32 and individual fellowship F) awards, U13/R13s, and contract awards are ineligible. Multiple supplement requests, within the budgetary limits outlined below, are allowed for each parent grant. Be aware that NIDCD supplement-specific eligibility criteria may vary.

The NIDCD supplement opportunities: Read carefully the purpose of the supplement and the supplement-specific information. Eligibility criteria, application and budgetary information, and NIDCD contacts vary across supplements.

Accelerating the Science (ACC)
Career Staff Scientist (CSS)
Clinical Research and Infrastructure (CLIN)
Collaborative Research (COLL)
Fostering the Entry of Clinically-Trained Individuals into the Research Pipeline (PIPE)
Research Equipment for Advancement of Science (EQ)
Retooling of Mid-career Investigators (RETOOL)
Translational Research (TRANS)

Due date and start date: NIDCD strongly encourages supplement requests be received by April 22, 2009 at 5 pm EDT. Awards will be made during summer 2009, as funds allow.  The earliest start date is June 1, 2009.

Number of NIDCD supplements that can be requested: An NIDCD PI is allowed one or more supplement requests for each currently-funded parent grant. Each supplement request must be a separate application.

Number of months requested: NIDCD supplement requests from R03s, R15s, R21s, R55s, and R56s may not exceed 12 months, regardless of  the remaining award period. All other eligible mechanisms (e.g., R01s, P50s) may request supplement support for the remaining months of the grant, up to 24 months. Number of months requested must be based on a start date of June 1, 2009 or later.

Grants in a no-cost extension: As stated in the NIH Notice (NOT-OD-09-056) “The parent grant must be active and the research/scientific activities proposed in the supplement must be accomplished within the current competitive segment…While supplemental funds may be awarded to grants in a no-cost extension, the period of support cannot extend beyond the award period for the additional time that was granted. Note that while NIH recommends that a no-cost extension already be in place before an administrative supplement request is submitted, this is not a requirement for all administrative supplement requests.”

Budget: Itemized annual budgets and justifications are required (no modular budgets allowed).  NIDCD budgetary allowances vary from the NIH Notice. 
A Principal Investigator may request multiple supplements to the current parent grant award. Regardless of the number of months over which it will be expended, the total combined direct costs of all requested supplements may not exceed 50% of the direct costs of the current award year of the parent grant, unless specified otherwise in the supplement description. If unique budgetary allowances are indicated in the NIDCD supplement request, follow those guidelines. Equipment supplement requests (See Research Equipment for the Advancement of Science Supplement) are an exception and do not count against the direct cost cap. For example, if the direct costs of your most recent award were $250K, then you may request one or more supplements, which collectively total $125K direct costs plus you may request an equipment supplement according to the budgetary guidelines outlined for equipment supplements. If more than 12 months remain in your parent grant, it is anticipated that this $125K would be budgeted over a period of more than 12 months, but less than 24 months. 

Grants in a no-cost extension should use for budget calculations the direct costs of the last awarded year.

Requests to exceed the 50% direct cost cap, or to exceed supplement-specific budgetary allowances, will be considered only with strong justification and only if funds allow.

Facilities and administrative costs will be reimbursed at the current negotiated rate.

K applicants should follow the NIH Notice guidelines (NOT-OD-09-056).

Subcontracts are allowed. Facilities and administrative costs associated with a subcontract do not count against the direct cost cap.

An estimated balance of unobligated funds remaining in the parent grant must be included in the budget section.

Preparing the Application:
1)  Follow the instructions in the NIH Notice (NOT-OD-09-056)
2)  When completing the “Brief proposal describing the project” (Number 4 in the NIH Notice section entitled “Preparing an Administrative Supplement Request”), be sure to take into account any additional information requested in the NIDCD supplement to which you are responding.
3)  Obtain appropriate institutional signatures and submit to NIDCD.

How to submit: We strongly recommend electronic submission of each supplement request as a PDF. Your request should be submitted to NIDCD from your institutional business or research office with a cc to the PI, to:

The subject line of the email AND the PDF file name must be: "PI last name_grant number_supplement code" (for example, Doe_R01XXXX_PIPE).

In addition, one hardcopy document should be mailed to: 
Christopher Myers
Chief, Grants Management Branch
Division of Extramural Activities
Executive Plaza South, Room 400B
6120 Executive Blvd., MSC 7180
Bethesda, MD  20892-7180  
(20852 for express mail)

Do NOT send email or hardcopy document(s) to your Program Officer or to the Center for Scientific Review.

Receipt Confirmation:  You and your business office will receive an automated email reply indicating receipt of the application.

Award: It is anticipated that supplement awards will be made during the summer, 2009. The earliest start date is June 1, 2009.