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NIDCD Administrative Supplements

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Closed: No longer accepting applications.

Please note: The NIDCD received a tremendous response to our ARRA Administrative Supplement opportunities. Nearly 1,000 applications were received; unfortunately, funds allow us to support only a portion of these requests. We are completing the first phase of funding decisions, and we anticipate making these awards near the end of June.

Later in the summer, the NIDCD will receive information about other ARRA-related activities for which we will be providing funding. We will then determine if there are funds to support a second phase for already-submitted supplemental applications. The NIDCD will be in touch with all applicants once there is final substantive information about funding.

The NIDCD considered a number of factors for evaluating supplemental applications, including:

  • Responsiveness to the goals of ARRA
  • Scientific opportunities
  • Responsiveness to the goals of the supplement type and the NIH announcement for this program
  • Scope of the proposed activities
  • Application completeness (for example, failure to provide unobligated balance, health relevance statement, or other required information as stated in the supplement guidelines).

Applications received several levels of evaluation by numerous Institute staff and by our Advisory Council. Given the number of supplements under consideration, we regret that we can not provide written or verbal feedback about the evaluation of specific applications.

The NIH has now published an administrative supplement Notice for NIH investigators (NOT-OD-09-056). NIDCD is poised to offer a number of administrative supplement opportunities, described below. We expect to award these supplements during summer 2009. Supplements will provide funds for up to two years of support, as funds allow. Opportunities to provide or retain job positions are of the highest priority, and the number of positions supported with these ARRA funds will be closely tracked, monitored, and reported to the NIH, Congress, and the public.

NIDCD Administrative Supplement Guidelines and Opportunities

How to Proceed:
1) Read the NIH Notice (NOT-OD-09-056).
2) Read the NIDCD ARRA Supplement Guidelines.
3) Within the NIDCD ARRA Supplement Guidelines, read the individual supplement opportunities, determining those for which you wish to apply. Note that some supplement opportunities have specific requirements.
4) Follow application preparation guidelines as stated in the NIH Notice (NOT-OD-09-056), taking into consideration any additional requirements of the specific NIDCD supplement opportunity.

Potential applicants are reminded that the intention of these supplements is to stimulate the economy during the next 24 months by accelerating the pace of NIDCD-funded research. Thus, the expectation is that applicants seeking funds will expend those funds during this period.

Contact for Questions:
If you have questions, direct them to the contact person listed in the specific supplement, or contact:

Judith A. Cooper, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, NIDCD
Director, Division of Scientific Programs