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National Captioning Institute (NCI)

President /CEO: Gene Chao
National Director of Sales and Marketing: Juan Mario Agudelo
Address: 3725 Concorde Parkway, #100ChantillyVA20151
Voice: (703) 917-7600
TTY: (703) 917-7600
Fax: (703) 917-9853
Last updated: 2011 Jun 30

The National Captioning Institute (NCI) is a nonprofit organization that provides closed-captioning services to television networks, program producers, advertisers, producers of home entertainment videos, and other organizations in the government and private sectors. It was established in 1979, with the mission of ensuring that deaf and hard-of-hearing people have access to television’s entertainment and news through the technology of closed captioning. As part of its commitment to media access, NCI now offers Internet captioning as well as described video service for people who are blind or have low vision.