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VII. Report of the NIDCD Strategic Planning Group

Dr. Battey

Dr. Battey discussed the membership and the charge of the Strategic Planning Group, that met in Bethesda on February 25-26, 1999. Prior to that meeting, in December, materials about the Institute’s research activities, as well as trans-NIH areas of emphasis and initiatives had been sent to the Group. A teleconference was conducted on January 19 to discuss the materials which had been provided to them and their needs for additional materials for review. The Group’s charge was to articulate the broad strategic goals that they envisioned as areas of great opportunity and compelling need for NIDCD. After discussing the steps involved in the strategic planning process, Dr. Battey presented the four broad initiatives the Group developed. These initiatives are:


The final document developed by the Strategic Planning Group will be posted on the NIDCD Web site. It is expected that it will be useful for prioritizing High Program Priority (HPP) nominations by Council and staff; developing Program Announcements, Requests for Applications and Requests for Proposals; and for informing the research community about NIDCD’s priorities. The Director, NIH, is requiring all Institutes to develop a Strategic Plan by December 1999. Following Dr. Battey's presentation, several Council members offered to help draft a companion document to the NIDCD Strategic Plan. They believed that a less technical version would be very useful in disseminating the goals of the Strategic Plan to the general public and that such a version should include examples of current health issues that could be addressed by these strategic research goals. A writing group has been organized to draft a version of the Strategic Plan targeted for the general public and is scheduled to meet in August.)

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