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Council Procedures


Council Procedures

Dr. Craig A. Jordan

Procedural Matters

Dr. Jordan discussed important procedural matters, including requirements imposed by the Government in the Sunshine Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The necessity of members avoiding conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof, was stressed, as was the need to maintain confidentiality concerning the proceedings and materials related to the closed portion of the meeting. Dr. Jordan announced that the Council meeting would be open to the public during the morning session, but would be closed for the consideration of grant applications during the afternoon.

Consideration of Minutes of Meetings of January 22, 1999

Dr. Battey called members’ attention to the Minutes of the Council’s meeting of January 22, 1999. The minutes were approved as written.

Confirmation of Dates for Future Council Meetings

Dates for the Council meetings through October 2001 have been established. A list of these meetings was distributed to the Council members. The next meeting of Council is scheduled for Friday, October 8, 1999 and will be held on NIH’s Bethesda campus.

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