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XVII. Division of Human Communication

Dr. Naunton

Program Initiatives

Dr. Naunton continued his report with a presentation of the initiatives that have received concept clearance by the Programs Advisory Committee (PAC) for Fiscal Years 96 and 97. Before discussing the specific initiatives, Dr. Naunton outlined the responsibilities of PAC. Dr. Snow stated that the Council would be given an opportunity to comment after the presentation of each initiative, and that their comments, whether positive or negative, would be appreciated and considered. Following is a list of the initiatives discussed by Dr. Naunton:


Proposed Scientific Initiatives FY96



  • Mechanisms of Sudden Acute Deafness


  • Factors Affecting Virulence and Treatment Efficacy in Otitis Media


  • Physiological and Molecular Bases of Tinnitus


  • Development of a Vaccine Against Otitis Media


  • Consensus Conference on Cochlear Implants



  • Development of Function in Cells of Vestibular Pathways


  • Efficacy of Rehabilitation Approaches in Balance Disorders


  • NIDCD National Temporal Bone Hearing and Balance Pathology Resource Registry

Smell and Taste


  • Neurotransmitters and Other Neuroactive Substances


  • Biologic Replacement in the Olfactory System


  • A Human Vomeronasal Organ


  • Investigation of Higher Cognitive Function in Smell and Taste

Speech, Voice and Language


  • Investigations of the Genetic Aspects of Speech and Language Disorders


  • Bilingualism, Literacy and Deafness


  • Database for Treatment Efficacy


  • Perceptual and Cognitive Influences on Language Impairment


  • Integrated Studies of Communication Function

Proposed Scientific Initiatives FY97


  • Protective Effects of Patterned Electrical Stimulation on the Deafened Auditory System


  • Improved Percutaneous Connectors


  • Increased Spatio-Temporal Activation of the Auditory Nerve for Improved Cochlear Implant Function


  • Computational Neuroscience for the Central Auditory and Vestibular Systems


  • Cell-Specific Markers for Studies of Inner Ear Regeneration and Repair


  • Approaches for Gene Transfer Into Cells of the Inner Ear


  • Clinical Trials Cooperative Groups



  • Effects of Inner Ear Fluid Pressure on Vestibular Function


  • Molecular Pathologic Study of the Human Temporal Bone


  • Spatial Coding Mechanisms in Olfaction


  • Olfactory Neurogenesis


  • Structure and Function of Human Chemoreception


  • Taste and Smell in Relation to Satiety

Voice, Speech and Language


  • Early Identification of Stuttering


  • Communication Competence Among Users of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems


  • Pharmacotherapy with Voice, Speech and Language Disorders


  • Models and Approaches to On-Line Language Processing


  • A Workshop on Applications of Molecular Genetics to Research in Voice, Speech and Language


  • Assessment of Sign Language Development

A packet outlining the purpose and background of all the FY 1996 and FY 1997 initiatives was made available to the Council.

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