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XII. Report of NDCD Advisory Council Planning Subcommittee

Dr. Snow

Dr. Snow reported on the meeting of the Planning Subcommittee held Wednesday, May 7. The meetingís agenda included consideration of policy issues and the Discussion Items developed by program staff.

A discussion of the legal opinion regarding recording of the closed session of council meetings was held.

Reconsideration of the recommendation for an additional five percent reduction of R01s with direct costs greater than $200,000 was discussed. At the January meeting, the Council voted to recommend an increase in the average reduction to 20 percent of the recommended amount for R01s that exceeded $200,000 in direct costs. That was done in the context that there was an increase in the average reduction from ten percent for all mechanisms in October to an average fifteen percent reduction for R01s, and an average twenty percent reduction for all P-series grants. The result of this Council recommendation was that the average reduction was increased for the R01s above $200,000 to 20 percent, just as the larger P-series grants were. In the calculation for the initial payline for May Council, the assumption was made that all grants would be reduced by 15 percent, both the R-series and the P-series. The Planning Subcommittee recommended that the 5 percent additional reduction on R01s greater than $200,000 direct costs be removed.

A motion was made that the surcharge on the R01s over $200,000 be removed; the motion carried.

Dr. Judith A. Cooper, Deputy Director of the Division of Human Communication, presented a preview of her report on the P-Series and R-Series mechanisms.

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